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Fly Catcher Machine for homes

Ultra Portable Model

Compact Portable Indoor Electric Fly Catcher Machine recommends for Homes and Kitchen daily use

Say goodbye to flies!

As the weather gets warmer, flies can begin to invade our homes and businesses in the search of food. Poisons and pesticides can be messy and harmful and they aren't suited to certain environments - especially in commercial kitchens, cafes, shops or even homes with children and pets. Simply plug your Regular insect killer in and watch it defeat the annoying flying insects.

An electric fly killer is essential to have all year round, but it's especially important during the summer. During the warmer months, flies can start to become a real nuisance. This remote control fly killer provides amazing coverage and a high-powered electric grid to zap flies and other pests, keeping your home or workplace clean and hygienic!

Low maintenance and extremely durable

It's ideal for places where pesticides can't be sprayed such as kitchens, restaurants and hospitals. Made from sturdy, durable aluminium, this low maintenance fly zapper is scratch proof, corrosion proof and has an ABS fire-proof plastic sideboard.

How Does it Work?

This fly zapper attracts flies and insects by mimicking the light they see from flowers or plants. Using a UV-A bulb, the flies are attracted to the light and fly towards it – resulting in them being electrocuted by the grid inside the device. This ensures the flies are killed immediately, allowing your space to be fly-free in no time!

Unique Design

Unlike many other fly killers of this design, this has an exposed top, ensuring more UV light is accessible for the flies to see. This provides maximum attraction, allowing more flies to be removed at a much quicker rate – perfect for takeaways or commercial kitchens where flies can be a repeated problem!

Safety Features

This Regular Model insect killer is designed with a fully protected outer mesh, ensuring no fingers can slip into the device. 

Perfect for Commercial Kitchens, Restaurants 

Due to flies entering our homes or workspaces looking for food – businesses that serve food are the most susceptible to having them! This regular model is perfect for food-related businesses, as they can be wall or ceiling mounted. This allows the fly zappers to remain out of the way of members of the public, whilst still ensuring no flies go near your food or worksurfaces!

FREE Hanging Chain and Cleaning Brush

To enable the fly zapper to be wall or ceiling mounted easily, this regular fly killer comes with a FREE hanging chain. Simply attach the device to any wall or ceiling, and allow the fly zapper to kill the flies quickly! Once the fly zapper has successfully killed the flies, you’ll want to remove them regularly. Using the built-in removable tray, simply sweep the dead flies into the bin using the FREE cleaning brush to ensure the device is left as hygienic as possible!

When you order from WANTRN, you know you're in good hands - the brand that people trust when it comes to pest control. 

An electrical discharge insect control system is a device that attracts and kills flying insects that are attracted by light. A light source attracts insects to an electrical grid, where they are electrocuted by touching two wires with a high voltage between them. Electric Fly killers utilize ultraviolet tubes to attract flying insects into the product, before zapping them dead on a high voltage killing grid. UV tubes attract flying insects by emitting a wavelength of light attractive to flies. Flying insects are attracted to the tube which emits UV at a level comparable to that of the sun, which the flying insect has a natural attraction to as a source of heat.

Electric fly killers use UV light to attract flying insects to the unit, then use a killing grid to kill the insects, before retaining them in a catch tray to allow hygienic disposal

Average Rating Ultra Portable Model

4.6 Rating from 3 Review


House Fly Killer Machine

  • Brand: WANTRN
  • Product Code: AUT40
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  • Estimated Delivery: 06-04-2020

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