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Electric Insect Killer 40W - 2 Feet

  • Premium Design and 4 Side Coverage View -  Coverage up to 400 Sqft area

  • Function:
  • Positioned on the floor level will be more powerful for attract insects - it's hanging option available 

  • Suitable for ?
  • Indoor & Outdoor use ( Hotels - Factory - Cafe - Shop - Kitchen - Office etc )

  • How Does it Work !
  • This fly zapper attracts flies and insects by mimicking the light they see from flowers or plants. Using a UV-A bulb, the flies are attracted to the light and fly towards it – resulting in them being electrocuted by the grid inside the device. This ensures the flies are killed immediately, allowing your space to be fly-free in no time!

  • Easy Clean !
  • Easy removable Catching tray for clean dead insects with in seconds

  • Specifications
Suitable for
Hotels - Cafe-  Industry - Hospitals - Shop
area up to 400 Sqft
Power of supply
210 - 220 V 
Lamps features
Lamp life
Approx  2500 to 3000 Hours
40W -  18W*2 (Philips Tubes )
Cleaning Brush - Hanging Chain
Mount Type
Wall mount - Free Standing - Hanging
Dimension ( CM )L63*B9*H30
1 Year Manufacturer ( except tubes )
up to 200 Sqft Coverage
Select by Coverage area Coverage up to 400 Sqft
Select by Shock Type & Glue Pad Model Shock Model

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Electric Insect Killer 40W - 2 Feet

  • Brand: WANTRN
  • Product Code: ANX03
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Estimated Delivery: 06-04-2020
  • Warranty


    1 Year Manufacturer



    Since 2011

  • Extended Warranty

    Extended Warranty

    Available online


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