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 Silent & No Shock  - Glue Pad Technology 

When you order from WANTRN, you know you're in good hands - the brand that people trust when it comes to pest control.

  •  The Wantrn  fly catcher uses high efficacy UV tubes and a sticky, resolute glueboard for capturing flies without the unsightly need for a killing grid in customer populated areas

This is seen as more hygienic than zapper units where parts of the flies body can be thrown away from the unit onto food preparation surfaces, tables and other areas that must be kept clean

The Unit wall mounted or placed on a counter, whereas the larger 30 watt Wantrn fly killer can also be ceiling suspended for a larger coverage

Using UV technology, flies are attracted from within 80 square metres using the tubes and then become stuck almost silently to the sticky glueboard, eliminating the need for any zaps that can occur with traditional units.

The glueboard itself is large and the horizontal section helps collect any fly debris from dying flies

The front guard of the unit swings open for simple replenishing of the sticky Glueboard and the tube

The boards and bulbs are readily available and easy to replace to ensure the unit remains at optimum efficiency

The Wantrn Ultimate Insect Killer Machine features two powerful 15W bulbs that combine for

30W of zapping power. Regardless of the size of your facility or the time of year, this unit is a great way to keep flies, moths, mosquitoes

This Device comes with a removable collection tray for easy, no-mess disposal of bug remains. This eliminates an unsightly buildup of bug remains on your floor or counter and keeps your establishment clean, sanitary, and bug-free!

What Can The WANTRN Insect Killer Do For Me?
- Save your home once and for all and KILL BUGS on contact instantly!
- Protect your loved ones by avoiding the toxic chemicals from aerosol sprays and deal with those annoying insects without causing any harm to your children and pets!

Product Features

- Attracts flies, moths and other flying insects using a black light.
- No Sound --- Glue Sheet 
- Device is safe for people and pets with a mesh screen to prevent contact with the electrical grid and a harmless ultra-violet black light tube.
- Chemical free alternative.

Where Can Be Installed
The WANTRN Indoor Insect Killer is a chemical free alternative designed to work on indoor environments such as houses, businesses, food preparation areas, hospitals, other indoor areas and more.


1 Glue Sheet inside machine ( 2 Spare in box )

Additional Glue sheets available at accessories section

Elements: 2 x 15W Tube ( 2 Tubes Included ) 

Coverage: 500 Sqft

Dimension (CM ) : L*B*H 47*7*34

Warranty : 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty Except Bulb

Bulb is Available at Accessories Section Rs 290/- 

We Ship Product only by Fedex Courier and DTDC   

Packing Mode : Wooden Box ( Prevent all Damages)

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