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Connect Direct Power

USB Charging 

 USB Cable along with Package

Led Light Mode with Double Switch Protection


WANTRN® Mosquito Bat is an effective way to kill in door and out door flying insects. It works quickly and cleanly leaving no mess unlike conventional swatters.There are no chemicals, or chemical Oder, completely non-toxic,and leaves no environmental pollution.The Bug Zapper works with a three layer metal grid

Camping in the great outdoors means occasionally needing to keep the bugs away, and of course WANTRN® has thought of this, with everything from gentle Mosquito Candles using citronella to keep bugs at bay, to the Mosquito Hitting Swatter battery-powered racket for zapping flying bugs, to the Bug Killer, which uses AC and rechargeable battery power to attract bugs silently and lethally to its ultraviolet element.

WANTRN® Mosquito Bat has a distinctive tennis racket design and is ideal for killing bugs or mosquitoes effectively, quickly and cleanly in the house or whilst outdoors. This efficient Mosquito bat does not have the drawbacks of choking smells and does not use any chemicals that may result in any environmental damage.


    For your safety do not turn on the zapper or touch the outer wire net when zapper is charging.
    Please do not finger the inside-layer wire net.
    Never wash the zapper with water to avoid causing a short circuit to the unit.
    This is not a toy! Adult supervision is recommended when operating by a child.

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