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  • An electrical discharge insect control system is a device that attracts and kills flying insects that are attracted by light. A light source attracts insects to an electrical grid, where they are electrocuted by touching two wires with a high voltage between them. Electric Fly killers utilize ultraviolet tubes to attract flying insects into the product, before zapping them dead on a high voltage killing grid. UV tubes attract flying insects by emitting a wavelength of light attractive to flies. Flying insects are attracted to the tube which emits UV at a level comparable to that of the sun, which the flying insect has a natural attraction to as a source of heat.
  • Electric fly killers use UV light to attract flying insects to the unit, then use a killing grid to kill the insects, before retaining them in a catch tray to allow hygienic disposal                                                                                                                                                                                                 

The Wantrn Ultimate Insect Killer Machine features two powerful 15W bulbs that combine for

30W of zapping power. Regardless of the size of your facility or the time of year, this unit is a great way to keep flies, moths, mosquitoes

This Device comes with a removable collection tray for easy, no-mess disposal of bug remains. This eliminates an unsightly buildup of bug remains on your floor or counter and keeps your establishment clean, sanitary, and bug-free!

Protective Tray Lock !

In addition to making this zapper easier to maintain, the removable collection tray also acts as a safety feature by preventing the unit from being turned on until it is locked in place. This will keep you and your employees safe when you empty contents

Because it measures  dimension (CM ) : L*B*H 50*10*29 this space-saving Insect Killer Device is perfect for tight locations. Its slim design allows you to easily mount it to any wall, therefore conserving valuable space in your business.

100% SAFE FOR HUMANS AND PETS - Completely chemical-free pest control with absolutely NO chemicals, NO fumes, NO smell, NO sprays, NO mess! CE & RoHS certificate compliant.

What Can The WANTRN Insect Killer Do For Me?
- Save your home once and for all and KILL BUGS on contact instantly!
- Protect your loved ones by avoiding the toxic chemicals from aerosol sprays and deal with those annoying insects without causing any harm to your children and pets!

How to use Insect Killer for Mosquitoes ?

1. Switch on the machine on 2 hours before you sleep. This way it is ready to do its work well all through the night.

2. Place the Machine in a part of the room where it is not directly under a fan and is away from drafts.

3. Product should be placed in a relatively undisturbed part of the room, with no obstructions around it, to allow for free circulation of air.

4. In a dark and static environment, the Trap catches mosquitoes quite fast and gives best results, so all lights should preferably be switched off when using the machine.

What Makes Our WANTRN Insect killer Different?

- 15*2 WATTS instantly exterminates mosquitoes, flies, moths, spiders and wasps... without the loud noise from other zappers!
- Avoid mess because of the easy-to-clean washable tray!
- 100% safe for humans and pets with absolutely NO chemicals, NO fumes, NO smell, NO sprays, NO mess! CE & RoHS certificate compliant.
- Attract Insects with the built-in UV light for faster extermination

Product Features

- Attracts flies, moths and other flying insects using a black light.
- High voltage metal grids.
- Device is safe for people and pets with a mesh screen to prevent contact with the electrical grid and a harmless ultra-violet black light tube.
- Chemical free alternative.

Where Can Be Installed
The WANTRN Indoor Insect Killer is a chemical free alternative designed to work on indoor environments such as houses, businesses, food preparation areas, hospitals, other indoor areas and more.

How to Use:

1. Hang the Insect Killer by attaching the enclosed chain to the hooks on the top of the unit, or set it on a solid surface.

2. Place the removable, washable plastic tray on the bottom of the unit to collect any dead insects as they fall.
3. Turn on the device
4. When the tray is dirty, switch the device to off, remove the tray, slide the insects into the trash, wash and dry if necessary and replace. The electrical grid is self-cleaning. You will only need to clean the tray.

High efficiently killing mosquitoes and flies

Prevent unsightly and unhygienic flying insects from invading your workplace.The ultra violet light attracts the insects into the electrified grids where they are instantly killed.No harmful chemicals or pollutants enter your workplace. The long wave Ultra Violet Light is completely harmless to humans.

 Commercial quality
 Sturdy aluminium construction with a stylish, electrolysis-treated finish and on/off switch
 Blue light fluorescent tubes attract insects across a range of 100 square metres
 Low maintenance; Simply remove and empty the waste tray as needed
 Chrome plated hanging chain and black ABS fixtures
 Attracts and removes a wide variety of flying bugs and insects using blue fluorescent lights


Elements: 2 x 15W Tube ( 2 Tubes Included )
Coverage: 350 to 400Sqft

Dimension (CM ) : L*B*H 50*10*29

Warranty : 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty Except Bulb

Bulb is Available at Accessories Section Rs 290/- 

We Ship Product only by Fedex Courier and DTDC   

Packing Mode : Wooden Box ( Prevent all Damages)

2 Year Manufacture Warranty ( Except Tube Lights )

We Know Our Product is Best Solution for Killing Flys and insects

Use it Don't Satisfied...?

Return it ...Get Back

100% Money Back !

WANTRN Money Back protects customers with a 100% Guarantee

WANTRN strongly values customer satisfaction and understands that you may be worried what will happen to your money if you are buying online. We want you to be 100% satisfied with your buying experience on Wantrn, and the quality of the product you receive. Our service guarantees your purchase and gives you 100% of your money back in case we falter on our commitments.

What Does Money Back Stand for ?

If Product not Satisfied after you received, Pls return the item with in 48 Hours after you receive the Delivery. If you are not returning with in 48 hours Money back will not cover it, Once you return the product to our office address update your order id and Courier Details to support@wantrn.com, return shipping and shipping cost will bare by customer side. Original Box and All Accessories should be return ( product should be return with wooden box ). Once we received the return item in proper condition we will refund your money in 2 to 4 working same at your bank account.

Before the dispatch/delivery of the product

If your order is not dispatched within 1 to 7 Days business days after the promised shipping date, Money Back guarantees refund of the money you have paid for the product and gives you full flexibility to cancel your order till the time product is dispatched – No questions asked.

After the dispatch/delivery of the product

If the order is not delivered within 19 Working days after the order is dispatched, WANTRN guarantees refund of the money you have paid for the product

What Does Money Back Cover ?

Product Not Satisfied

You have paid for the product but didn't receive it

How to reach us?

Please use any of the following ways:

E-mail us at support@wantrn.com

Call us at +91 0422-6521234, 0422-6570800

Reach us at http://www.wantrn.com/customer-support

Exchange/Alternate Product Conditions:

In case you are not fully satisfied about quality of the product, Wantrn Shop will gladly help in the exchange of the product   

Money Back Coverage Details
Type of Product      Issue                                                        Policy#
All                           If Product not Satisfied with in 1 Days*      100% Money Back
All                           Delivery Not Done ( 14 Days )                   100% Money Back
All                           Different from description                          100% Money Back
All                           Faulty or defective                                         Exchange
All                           Order Not Dispatched in 5 Days               100% Money Back

WARNING: Under no circumstances should hands be placed anywhere near the high voltage grid when the appliance is perational.

The fly killer works by luring insects on to an electrified metal grid using ultra-violet light. It uses no chemicals and is pollution free. To use the Fly Killer: 1. Press the switch to the ON position. 2. The light will come on and the grid will become electrically charged. 

• A service agent/qualified technician should carry out installation and any repairs if required. Do not

remove any components or service panels on this product.

• Always switch off and disconnect the power supply to the appliance before cleaning.

• Install the appliance out of the reach of children.

• Never insert hands or other objects into the appliance while it is connected to the power supply.

• Install the Fly Killer at least 1 metre away from food preparation areas.

• Never use near flammable objects.

Before Cleaning and Maintenance 

• Always switch off the power and disconnect the appliance from the power supply before cleaning.

• Clean the collection tray regularly with warm soapy water.

• DO NOT immerse the appliance in water. Wipe the safety guard and external casing with a damp cloth.

• Change the bulbs every 6 to 9 months.

Changing the Bulb

WARNING: Always turn Off the appliance and disconnect from the power supply before changing the bulb.

1. Remove the catch tray.

2. Lay the appliance face down.

3. Unscrew the two screws holding the safety guard

at the rear of the Fly Killer [Fig. 1].

4. Lift up the guard rail [Fig. 2].

5. Holding the ends of the bulb, twist it ‘forwards’ in

its socket until it clicks [Fig. 3].

6. Slide the bulb up out of its sockets [Fig. 4].

7. Replace with a new bulb.

8. Twist the new bulb ‘backwards’ to lock it back in place.

9. Replace the guard rail and the two screws. 


If your appliance develops a fault, please check the following table before making a call to the Helpline.

Probable Cause
The unit is not working
The unit is not switched on
Check the unit is plugged in correctly and switched on

Plug and lead are damaged
 Call agent or qualified technician

Fuse in the plug has blown
Replace the plug fuse

Power supply
Check power supply

Internal wiring fault
 Call agent or qualified technician

Tube has expired
Refer to the ‘Changing the Bulb’ section

Pest Control Direct flying insect control products for the control of all types of flying insects. Below you will find electric flykillers of two types, electrified grid flykillers and glueboard fly killers or more correctly glueboard fly traps. Fly traps are becoming very popular and for outdoor areas the very popular Patio Fly Killers and Red Top Fly Traps.

What is a UV Fly Light Trap?

An Ultraviolet Fly Light Trap is an insect trap that uses powerful ultraviolet rays to attract flies and other flying insect pests without the use of chemicals harmful, toxic chemicals.

When Should I Use a UV Fly Light Trap?

UV Fly Light Traps are ideal for use in settings and situations where using traditional fly sprays or chemicals would not be appropriate, or where discreet, low profile control is desired-such as kitchens, restaurants, or store fronts.

How light Traps (Fly Lights) Work

Different insects are attracted to various kinds of wavelengths, but commonly you will find light traps that emit fluorescent UV light. The lights act as a lure, and when these lights are combined with sticky traps, as many of these fly trap lights are, work to not only attract the bugs to one area but also to keep them from leaving. You can use glue boards or strips alone, but adding the light can increase your bug catching potential.

There are two basic kids of Fly Light Traps:

1) Ultraviolet Pheromone (Glue) Traps also attract flies using ultraviolet rays, but instead of electrocution, the fly gets stuck on a removable glue strip. Glue strips utilize pheromones to further attract nuisance flies that are not as readily attracted to the ultraviolet light. This model is appropriate for most public and food settings.

2) Ultraviolet Fly Zappers attract flies using ultraviolet rays, and then electrocute them. Fly Zappers are often used in warehouses. They are not generally appropriate for residential areas, business applications, or food-preparation areas where fly body parts might fall into food.

Benefits of UV Fly Light Traps

1) Ultraviolet rays are not harmful to people or pets, unlike toxic chemicals.

2) No unpleasant odors.

3) Powerful ultraviolet light provides for optimum coverage.

4) Ultraviolet rays attract a wide range of flying insects, not just flies.

5) Many ultraviolet fly traps are designed to look like ordinary light fixtures, making them perfect for discreet control in public venues.

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