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  • Mosquito Trap

Mosquito Killer Machine

Basic Mosquito killer Machine

It,s Just Like Bedroom Light ,

Usage Areas ,indoor use mostly for rooms at home, hotels, hospitals, hostels, guest houses, offices etc.


1.Traps mosquitoes and Kills them
4.Chemical Free
5.Acts as a night lamp
6.Purifies Air

Mosquito Trap How it's Works

The CO2 generated by Photo catalyst process and the special UV lamp attracts mosquitoes into the unit. The fan will then suck the mosquitoes into the collection net and the trapped mosquitoes will eventually die from dehydration.
Photo catalyst is a decomposition reaction formed when TiO2 as a catalyst, uses light energy. When TiO2 is irradiated by sun rays, its surface generates strong oxidation power to decompose foul smelling molecule causing indoor stench, smoke, and other unwanted smells to be instantly eliminated. And meantime emits similar amounts of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) as humans.

Mosquito Trap Features

Low Noise- Mosquito has an Ultra-Quiet fan to minimize the noise to the lowest level possible. The Mosquitoes are attracted to the repository and are then air dried and dehydrated to death. also there is so high Voltage, So it’s very high safe and Quiet.

Purifies Air- The high Concentration of photo catalyst absorbs harmful gases.

Disinfection - UV light kills harmful bacteria in the air

Double Effect- Live mosquitoes captured in the chamber will send out chemical information to attract more mosquitoes.

Longer life-this Device uses long-life CCFL Tubes. Since it has a soft light, it does not affect your sound sleep and also serves as a night lamp.

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Mosquito Trap

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