How to Use Mosquito Trap ?

How to use Wantrn Mosquito Trap ?

To get the best results from your Wantrn Mosquito Trap please read the following instructions carefully:

1. Place the Mosquito Trap in a part of the room where it is not directly under a fan and is away from drafts.

2. The Trap should be placed in a relatively undisturbed part of the room, with no obstructions around it, to allow for free circulation of air.

3. In a dark and static environment, the Trap catches mosquitoes quite fast and gives best results, so all lights should preferably be switched off when using the Trap.

4. Switch the Trap on 3 hours before you sleep. This way it is ready to do its work well all through the night.

5. Place the Trap at a height ranging from 0.5 to 1.5 meters. (Some models come with a customized stand for the Trap.) 

6. The Adapter that goes into the power point in your wall is a sophisticated gadget. Make sure it does not get accidentally pulled out while the Trap is on with regular use, the Trap will also begin to pull out and kill all mosquitoes hidden behind the curtains, furniture or in the nooks and crannies of your room.

Operation Method: 

1.Plug the mosquito killer into socket;
2.switch on the the mosquito killer, when it starts to work;
3.For getting the optimum efficiency, better to put it on a hidden place 1 meter height ground
4.Before cleaning the mosquito killer, should unplug the power and then rotate the bottom open to clean it. Some mosquitoes may be still alive, 
better to cover the mosquito killer with a piece of cloth or a towel and then take off the screen.

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